BDO United States

BDO United States

BDO Flex is about finding that perfect fit – and is much more than a work-life balance:

Technology and globalization have transformed "work" into a 24/7 reality by eliminating the traditional boundaries around work and our everyday lives. BDO knows that employees who work in flexible environments report significantly higher levels of satisfaction, performance, commitment and loyalty than those with low levels of flexibility. Resulting in a new outlook on work+life fitTM, BDO Flex has changed individual beliefs and assumptions about the workplace in a way that benefits our firm, clients and employees.

At BDO, flexibility comes in all shapes and sizes depending on the job and the person, but the results are the same: mutually beneficial solutions involving a mixture of formal arrangements with informal day-to-day flexibility. Our approach to flexibility connects how we think about career options, recruiting, workflow management, resource sharing, technology and many other elements critical to our firm’s success in today's 24/7, high-tech, global work reality.

BDO Flex is available to help everyone at the firm achieve the optimal work+life fit to meet personal demands as well as the needs of the firm. This basis provides the framework for ongoing innovation in flexibility and makes being part of the BDO team exciting.

Rather than using standard policy boundaries to define flexibility, our work+life fit strategy:

  • Promotes dialogue to create arrangements that meet the needs of our people, clients and firm
  • Provides tools and information that help people use and manage workplace flexibility
  • Aligns internal practices and policies to enhance support for workplace flexibility
  • Encourages daily conversations and attitudes that reflect open communications and problem-solving ideas
  • Supports the long-term development of highly motivated, energized and dedicated employees throughout their personal and professional lives and careers

Work+life fit is a registered trademark of Work+Life Fit, Inc.