BDO United States

BDO United States

Uniquely focused on networking, advancement and coaching, examples include:

In the professional services industry, networking is extremely important to the success of an individual's career, as well as the firm as a whole. When asking women and men what they needed to be successful at BDO and throughout their careers, being better prepared for business development situations was at the top of the list.

Understanding that this might not come naturally to everyone, ConnectIn has been helping employees develop and refine their networking skills since 2008. The program provides men and women access to networking opportunities that help them strengthen existing business relationships, while giving them confidence to make new ones.

ConnectIn Stories

Here are just a few real-life examples of ConnectIn gatherings and the positive impact that ConnectIn has had on our offices.

  • Apple Picking for Charity: BDO employees, college recruits, clients and friends came together to pick over 14,000 pounds of apples as part of the Second Harvest Food Bank drive in Spokane, WA. The fruit of their labor went to after-school programs that ensure underprivileged kids receive two balanced meals a day. The event drew more than 100 volunteers who had the opportunity to mingle over a casual lunch – taking the pressure off of a typical networking event -while still strengthening relationships with colleagues and clients.
  • The BDO Family Feud: BDO's Grand Rapids office found a creative way to enhance their professional networking skills – while learning about the firm – by hosting their own version of the popular show "Family Feud." Focused around firm trivia and fun facts, this game proved to be a fun yet creative way to gear up for networking events and recruiting season.