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BDO United States


Uniquely focused on networking, advancement and coaching, examples include:

My Career Experience (MCE) is an easy-to-use tool that pairs client service professionals with a coach to turn every day work into meaningful learning experiences. With the tagline - “Take the Next Step” – MCE is intended to highlight that advancing your career may seem like an overwhelming task, but it is often as simple as identifying one small step you can undertake to keep you moving towards your next goal. MCE is not a formal “must-do” process and it is up to individuals to use the tools for their own career development or for supporting the career development of others.

The goals of MCE are:

  • For individuals to seek out experiences, supported by coaching, that drive their career development to meet their professional goals
  • For supervisors to build career development opportunities and coaching into the day-to-day work of their teams
  • For the firm to reinforce the importance of developing our next generation of leaders and to provide the tools for individuals and supervisors to make it happen