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How to Advance at BDO

BDO's Keys to Success are a group of tools and programs created to help BDO professionals develop their skills and careers.

Core Competencies

Not to be confused with our core values, BDO's 10 core competencies are the specific, clearly defined professional characteristics that BDO employees are expected to exhibit. As a BDO professional, your performance will be measured against the core competencies and you will set your annual developmental goals in alignment with them. The core competencies are the third piece of BDO's cultural 'roadmap,' which begins with our mission statement and core values.

Goal Setting

Each summer, every BDO professional sets professional development goals to work toward throughout the year. Through meetings with your Career Advisor, personal reflection, and the goal setting tools available on the BDO Keys to Success portal, you will craft goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely, or SMART.

My Career Experience

My Career Experience (MCE) is a collection of tools that BDO professionals can use to proactively initiate meaningful learning opportunities in their everyday work. Usage of MCE tools isn't mandatory, nor is it a formal program with an end date or a certificate of completion to hang on your cube wall. The "prize" that you get is more industry experience and the opportunity to network with BDO management and possibly BDO clients.

Career Advising Program

Every new hire at BDO is assigned a Career Advisor to guide them in the big picture of their career progression. You meet with your Career Advisor no less than once a year for annual performance reviews, and as often as you like outside of your review to check in on the progress you’ve made on your goals and to discuss anything else you may have questions or concerns about.