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Campus Recruiting Process

BDO's recruiting process is a step-by-step progression that allows you to become acquainted with the firm, our people and our culture in order for you to make the best possible career decision.

Geographically, BDO does not limit students who seek positions in offices outside their region. The firm has a referral process allowing students to work in offices all over the country. Below is a general outline of our recruiting process nationwide.

  1. Introduction to the firm. BDO has a number of ways for you to meet our professionals and get comfortable with the office of your choice. Meet-the-firm events and speaking engagements on campus, as well as BDO office tours, are just a few ways to meet BDO professionals. Many of our offices conduct unique recruiting events for interested students.
  2. First round interviews. BDO requires all students to apply for positions online at All resumes are reviewed and, if selected, you will be contacted for a phone or in-person interview. On some campuses, we conduct the first round of interviews on campus through the school's career center. A typical first-round interview is one-on-one, takes 30 minutes and is conducted by a recruiter, manager or partner.
  3. Office interviews. If, after the first round of interviews, you are selected to move forward, we will invite you to the BDO office of your interest for additional interviews. Typically, there are between two and four one-on-one interviews with managers, senior managers and/or partners. There is also a tour of the office and time to mingle with staff and seniors.
  4. Offer. Once the in-house interviews conclude, BDO will make hiring decisions and offers will be made.
  5. Continued communication. Once you have accepted an offer with us, BDO keeps in touch with you on a frequent basis throughout the school year. Even after you start work as an associate, you can still contact your campus recruiter with questions.