• BFI Advisory Network

    Business Forums International is where professionals come
    together to build trust, relationships and opportunities

Let’s build your business together.

BFI, a subsidiary of BDO USA, offers the unique chance to engage and build relationships with seasoned professionals with a high level of experience and success. By connecting with trusted advisors from all over the world, from a wide variety of fields, you’ll develop market insight, your portfolio, and your network, enabling you to better advise your clients.

The BFI dynamic is one of collaboration, not competition. BFI is an invitation-only network that offers regular, face-to-face meetings where you’ll have the chance to share opportunities, gain insight and solve client issues with a small, tight-knit group that you will grow to know and trust. Create long-lasting connections with other like-minded, senior advisory professionals at BFI, and you’ll be able to expand your horizons – and grow your business.

BFI recently became part of BDO, a natural fit for two organizations with a relationship focus and an entrepreneurial mindset.

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