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In today’s market, dealerships and other automotive industry participants must meet the new challenges of an entirely transformed environment. But transformation is nothing new in the auto dealership industry. Now more than ever you need a team who can provide insights on what changing regulations and market disruptions mean, and the financial practices that will prepare you to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.
Whether it’s market consolidation, shifting buyer journeys, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) modifications, regulation reform, or the switch to electric vehicles, there is a revolving door of issues that can challenge even the most experienced dealerships, rental centers and other automotive retail businesses. However, when you have a business advisor who can provide the reliable, data-driven insights you need to reinforce overall financial practices and meet changing demands, you’ll be ready for what’s next.
With decades of industry experience, BDO can help position your dealership to take advantage of emerging trends and set a strategic course for a promising future. As you move your business forward, you can rely on us for the critical advice you need to build resilience for the road ahead.

As part of the fifth largest accounting network in the industry, we provide world-class audit, tax and advisory services to dealerships ranging from single-owner dealerships to regional and national franchises. Throughout every market evolution to date, our experienced professionals have helped clients adapt and strengthen tax strategies while maintaining regulatory compliance and managing risks. Whether you sell, rent or service automobiles, boats, motorcycles, RVs or power sports vehicles, we can help you through the issues you face with our deep experience in:
  • Financial reporting – Your business depends on accurate financial reporting—period. Rely on our dealership professionals and digital audit suite to guide you through with step-by-step advice that puts you in control of your P&L.
  • Compliance and business consulting – As your operations become more complex, it’s important to get the perspective from someone who’s been advising dealerships on changing regulations and legislation through countless political administrations.
  • Cyber security and fraud risk – The volume of ransomware and malware attacks keeps rising every day. Make sure your F&I data protection policies are solid and your internal controls are strong with the help of our master digital consultants.
  • Cash flow and internal controls – From identifying areas of opportunity in your transactional flow to establishing best practices, we can help you manage your operations and safeguard assets to drive greater margins.
  • Dealership sales and M&A – If you’re planning to buy, sell or transfer ownership of one of your dealerships, you need professionals with the valuation, due diligence and buy-sell experience you can find with BDO.
  • Online marketing strategies – With increasing competition from online buying services, your digital marketing strategies need to be razor sharp. Get insights from our experienced team on how to stay relevant and out front.

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