• Gaming, Hospitality & Leisure

Bet on Disruption, Win Your Recovery.

The gaming, hospitality and leisure industry faces unique challenges, including a complex and dynamic regulatory environment, disruption from online gaming, liquidity issues and workforce concerns. While shifts in consumer demand and digital disruption have impacted the gaming, hospitality and leisure sectors, a successful and strategic rebound can lead to robust growth ahead.
Your business should have a complete understanding of the trends and technologies disrupting connections with your customers, the impacts on your tax position and how to maximize revenue. Amid changing regulations, digital innovations, changes in consumer demographics and behaviors, you need real-time insights into when and how these trends affect your bottom line.
With a partner like BDO, you’ll be better equipped to respond immediately and maintain a competitive edge. We have decades of experience delivering guidance and customized solutions to companies throughout the gaming, hospitality and leisure sectors, with technical excellence and superior service. BDO helps gaming operators, casino resorts, leisure resorts, hotels, sports franchises and more address their specific challenges and achieve increased efficiencies, improved business intelligence and enhanced performance.



Segments we work with

We have the longstanding experience and sector-specific know-how to deliver tailored solutions for our clients in the gaming, hospitality and leisure industry. We provide strategic audit, tax, advisory and digital services spanning the industry.  A sampling of our key segments include:
  • Traditional Commercial Gaming
  • Tribal Gaming
  • Online Gaming (iGaming, eSports and Sports Betting)
  • Gaming Technology and Manufacturing
  • Hotels
  • Sports Franchises, Leisure and Entertainment